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What is a wiki?  Check out this powerpoint
Resources here to help you build a great site for your classroom, club, event, ??





1 Lots of sample sites and more here!    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://educators.pbworks.com/ 
2 30 second video tutorials   - most are not youtube http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter 

Video, audio, and chat rooms, oh my!
You can insert all kinds of multimedia applications on your workspace with just a few clicks. Let's insert a sample video:

1. Upload your video to Teachertube.com
2. Copy the embed code of your video
3. Go to your workspace
4. While editing, click "Insert Plugin" and choose the "Teacher Tube" plugin. Paste your embed code and save your page.

Inserting images
Inserting images is easy: While editing a page, use the "Insert Links" box on the right side of the page.

Other popular plugins:

  • The HTML/Java scrip plugin lets you insert tools from around the web, like Animoto, Voice Thread and more.
  • Chat rooms let your students or staff communicate with each other. This is a great additional way for you and your students to collaborate.
Learn more about the many plugins that you can use on your workspace 


Remember, all of this is free with your PBworks.

4 All about the plugins you can use on your pbworks pages  http://educators.pbworks.com/Plugin 
These are premium features.

Hideable pages allow you to create private content on your workspace - this is great if you are developing a syllabus or group project on the workspace, but aren't yet ready to share it with your class.

Lockable pages let you place information on your workspace, and lock it from future edits. Use this to post assignments that you don't want your students to edit.

How to Hide and Lock pages

1. Log in to your workspace at my.pbworks.com and chose techedmd.
2. Look to the right-had side of your workspace there are three options:

  • Put this page in a folder
  • Add Tags
  • Page Security
3. Chose Page Security
4. Chose to Hide or Lock your page.


View a video demonstration on how to create hidden and locked pages.


Give Students Clear Instructions
To make sure your students understand how to engage with this new online resources make sure you post clear directions om the front page.


  • Add student assignments and instructions on the front page.
  • Treat your front page as a short introduction with links to other pages.
  • Type a few bullet points and create links to the pages (to link, edit a page, select the text, and click "Insert Link").
  • If you have handouts, create a page called "Handouts" and upload the files there.
Next, use a creative activity to engage your students on your workspace. Here are three examples:


Individual pages- Ask each student to create a page, posting information about their interests and what they hope to learn from the class. Be sure to comment on the pages, and engage them by referencing their personal interests in discussions. Use this as an easy icebreaker to have students get to know each other.

Online spelling list – Create a page titled ‘Spelling’ and post your spelling list. Ask students to post the definition or upload a corresponding image.

Class notes - Each week assign one student to write up the class notes, including important points and class discussion. Be sure to comment on the notes, and add additional insight from the lesson.

See PBworks Best Practices for more ideas on how to implement a wiki in your classroom



How to create new pages

1. Log in to your workspace at my.pbworks.com and chose techedmd.
2. Click "Create new page" at the top of your workspace
- Type "English Syllabus" into the page title and click "Create new page"
- Once you type something on the page (anything! It's ok!), click "Save"

Link pages together
To navigate from one page to another, you'll want to link pages together. (Unlinked pages are called "orphans," and that's no fun.)

1. Go to the front page of your workspace and click "Edit"
2. Type "English Syllabus"
3. Select the text and click the "Insert link" button (the world icon on your tool bar)
4. Choose "Link to a page" and locate "English Syllabus"
5. Once you click "Ok" and "Save," you'll see that your page now links to your English Syllabus page

You can now set up as many pages as you want and link them together!

View a video demonstration on how to create a new page and link to your home page.


The more you edit your workspace, the more likely it is to succeed. Editing your workspace is just like editing your usual word-processing software -- only it's online, and easier.

1. Log in to your workspace at my.pbworks.com and choose your site.
2. Click "Edit page" at the top of your workspace. Type "Hello world!" on the page and click "Save."

Your PBworks is updated!

Click here to see a video demonstration on how to edit your workspace.

9 Create Graphics, headlines, similar to Word ARt for your site  http://www4.flamingtext.com/ 
10 another site for Word Art type headlines-
Create a title, save it as a picture file, then upload it to your pbworks and
insert it into your page as you would a photo 
11 Add powerpoint slideshow right into your pbworks!   
12 Add in a "voki"!

Insert Plugin



Embed a Voki Avatar.

  1. Visit Voki.com 
  2. Paste the "For Most Sites" code into the box below:


    Embed a Voki Avatar.
    1. Visit Voki.com 
    2. Paste the "For Most Sites" code into the box below: 
13 Unique site where you can make a "newspaper article" headline 


14     make a stickynote wall so kids can add to it with questions.  http://www.wallwisher.com/   
15   easy to use calendar to add to the page. - ALTHOUGH, pbworks has it's own calendar now http://30boxes.com/  


Powerpoint for training people on pbworks

Created by pbworks

right click and "save as"

Might also be used to train students on pbworks or wikis in general 



  • PBworks how-to videos covering editing, creating new pages, plugins, and more.




Case study - how BCPS is using wikis 



Baltimore County Web 2.0 wiki 



Pbworks Admin training 


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