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Resource Page for workshop- RobotC applications 

June 25-29, 2012


SHARE/POST links, etc !!!         Post robotC files - scroll down to second table  -    Thanks!

  description  link 
1 robotC full MAIN page for SUPPORT!  http://www.robotc.net/support/vex/WebHelpCortex/ 
2  Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Academy website is full of excellent references/links  http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/content/vex/index.htm 
3  Carnegie-Mellon Teacher resource page  http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/robots/vexteacher/index.htm 



Dr. John Kallis, Chair and Professor

Applied Engineering and Technology AET

California University of Pennsylvania


email:  kallis@calu.edu


Dr. Mark E. Bronakowski

Applied Engineering and Technology AET

California University of Pennsylvania


email: bronakowski@calu.edu


  ROBOT C Files Table - post and describe- thanks! 

program file link to download 

1. click on link
2. *Right click on the "Download" tab & click "save target as"

navigate the maze using sonar  maze1.c   greg f
parallel park a robot (or a Lexus) parallelPark1.c   greg f
  Sonar Head.c   buck f 
  Parking.c   buck f 
  Line Sensors.c   buck f 
  Line Sensors - Floor Grid - with e-Stop.c   buck f 
  Maze Sonar.c buck f



*Balt Co. unless otherwise noted below-


Tom Welzenbach, Sparrows Point HS gwelzenbach@bcps.org

Chris Buckler, Chesapeake HS sbuckler@bcps.org

Nick Coppolino, Parkville HS ncoppolino@bcps.org

Dave Schein, Dulaney HS dschein@bcps.org

Greg Foster, Western Tech HS  gfoster@bcps.org

Buck Ferrin, Carroll Co.  email: CEFERRI@carrollk12.org

Jamie Gascon, Dulaney HS jgaskin@bcps.org

Greg Kallaur, Ridgely MS gkallaur@bcps.org

Chris Putnam, Hereford MS  cputnam@bcps.org

Jennifer Forrest, Montgomery Co, Jennifer_L_Forrest@mcpsmd.org



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