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Maryland events

Page history last edited by Chris Putnam 7 years, 2 months ago

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Maryland Robotics Portal   Calendar of VEX events
*for participants in the VEX system competitions


* to update, email Chris Putnam event info at cputnam@bcps.org
For the complete world calendar, head over to http://www.robotevents.com/



10/26/13 Westminster, Maryland Northwest Maryland VRC
11/9/13 Timonium, MD Dulaney HS Battle By the Bay 
NewTown HS BCPS League night  #1
Balt County schools
NewTown HS BCPS Tournament 
11/16/13 La Plata, Maryland
CSM Southern Maryland VEX League
12/6/13 Monkton, Maryland BCPS League night #2 
Balt County schools
12/7/13 Monkton, Maryland
HZR Toss-Up Stampede
  VEX IQ event 'Add It Up'* at the HZR Toss-Up *tentative
12/14/13 Baltimore, MD  Robodoves Open     RoboDoves VEX Robotics Competition
1/24/14 Perry Hall HS, MD BCPS League night #3
Balt County schools
1/25/14 Perry Hall HS, MD BCPS Open event 
1/25/14 Waldorf, Maryland
Southern Maryland Middle School VEX Robotics Challenge
2/8/14 LaPlata, Maryland CSM Southern Maryland VEX IQ Challenge 
2/21/14 Eastern Tech HS BCPS League night #4 Finals!
Balt County schools
2/22/14 Eastern Tech HS BCPS STEM Tournament
3/8/14 Westminster, MD, Maryland
Maryland State Championship- High School
3/8/14 Westminster, MD, Maryland
Maryland State Championship- Middle School
3/8/14  Westminster, MD, Maryland Maryland State Championship- VEX IQ
4/5/14  Baltimore, MD  Hopkins Robotics Cup  
Baltimore City Schools only 

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